On October 1, 2016, we decided to participate in our first Mini Maker Faire in Rocklin California.  The event was held at the Sierra College Campus, where the organizers allowed us to use 4 times the normal display space and we could have used more.  We had a great turnout of members showing up with their ships.  Dave Marshall, Don Perez, Neal Anderson, Carl Bolton, Kyle Kort, John Kort, Deryk Haole, Gary Powell all spent time at the booth, answering questions for the groups of people coming through the faire.

John Kort showing off the rear rotation in the DKM Tirpitz to several onlookers.






Carl Bolton discussing the several destroyers that were on display.






Several people looking over the American fleet:  USS Missouri, USS Salt Lake City, USS Edsall, USS Shannon and several PT Boats.  By having everything from a PT to Battleship, it showed the size contrast between the various ship types.


Setting up the night before.  This is just one of eight tables of ships that were eventually set up and displayed.





Couple tables of Axis ships;  Z-Boats,  DKM ZH1, DKM B-109 and 110, RM Capatani Romani, RM Soracco and more.





Here the HMS Surpurb and FN Mogador can be seen along with many of the “under construction” ships.




Before the day was completed, organizers of the Faire approached us to make sure we would be back again for 2017.  Even asking us to think about running the ships on the pond located in the center of the College Campus.  If we were interested, they would make it available to us.