Under Construction

Vac-U-Forming an American PT Boat.  Here the solid block of the hull and superstructure are placed on the table.








Here the styrene has been “sucked” down to the solid blocks, forming the different parts.









Here the newly vac-u-formed parts have been removed from the blocks.  Next come trimming and then you can begin construction of the ship.  For several additional pictures of a German Schnellboot under construction please refer to the below link.

Arming: German E-Boat






HMS Sheffield:

Originally started by Gary Powell in 1998; construction on this 729-187 class ship has progressed very slowly over the past 18 years.  Major headway was made during 2015-16 until time was needed to build guns for other ships.

HMS Exeter:

Another ship originally built and operated by Ralph Gibbons of Utah.  After Ralph’s passing, his ships made it to California.  This is a 726-250 Class Cruiser and is currently having 6 new 1/4″ guns installed.


HMS Surpurb:

Surpurb is a 5 gun 725-250 class ship.  Based on the current rate of construction progress, ship is not expected to be launched to fight until 2018.



IJN Kagero:

Brandon Smith has been working on this 723 Class Japanese destroyer, to go with his IJN Shiratsuyu.  Ship was started in 2014 and is in the process of having the internal systems installed.



RM Freccia:

Three ships of the Italian Freccia Class are under construction by Neal Anderson and Carl Bolton in San Jose.  The third one of the three is available for purchase.  Contact Neal at:  nranderson@sbgglobal.net.


RKKF Novik:

The Novik debuted at the 2016 September Campaign game, but was still working out teething issues and was unable to make it into combat.  Ship is said to be complete and ready to go.  A new member of the club is the owner, the name of which I don’t have at the moment.  To be updated as the name is remembered.

USS Louisville:

Originally built and operated by long time Queen’s Own member Mike Harter.  This 726-250 Class Cruiser is now in California undergoing a complete refit.  Should be ready to fight in 2017’s Campaign Game in September.