A note about PMWC Submarines:

Submarines have not been used in this 1/72 scale club until recently, because a working prototypical torpedo had not been developed.  Other clubs; principally 1/144 Big Gun have utilized them for years; however, the torpedo being fired has either been a “rod” fired in the water at point blank range or a series of 1/4″ ball bearings.  Neither example acted in a realistic manner, so the use of submarines in this club has been waiting for a “working torpedo”.

Test and test and design after design were explored.  Finally we have a working torpedo!  This torpedo being used by the club travels underwater, straight as an arrow, for between 15 – 20 feet.

Since guns and the number of rounds carried by PMWC ship is limited, so are the number of tubes and torpedoes fired from the various submarines.  Currently submarines carry a minimum of 1 shot for the smallest classes, up to 4 shots for the largest.

IJN I-201

The IJN-201 was the first submarine in the club capable of firing the new torpedo design.  It is armed with a single tube up front and fires just one shot.









USS Balao:

The USS Balao is the clubs second submarine to be built capable of using the new torpedoe design.  It is allowed to fire 3 torpedoes.  Balao is currently armed with 2 bow tubes and a single stern firing tube.



FN Surcouf:

Started a few years ago, but never finished.  Now that the new torpedoes are working, Surcouf couple be hitting the water soon.




Since updating our website, several photos have been misplaced.  As soon as we can find them, more submarine photos will be posted.