Neutral Warships

HNiMS Issac Swears:

Built by Jim Webb in 2016 and since he travels down from Portland Oregon to participate, this ship only saw limited action after it’s initial completion.  A 2 gun ship, with one in the bow and the other in the stern.  Ship was just acquired by Evan Yanez, so we will be seeing her much more frequently.

HMwMS Stockholm:

This small Swedish 2 gun destroyer was originally started by a Queen’s Own member during the 1980’s, but never completed.  Acquired from Charlie McMackins, it was completed and made ready for it’s first combat in 2012.  Very fast and maneuverable ship!  Current owner is Erica Goble.


Plans for the Stockholm class ships were very hard to come by and unfortunately the ship was completed in the 1950’s refit version of the ship.  Anyone with a good set of plans for this ship?  The club would be very interested in obtaining a set.  Just get in touch with anyone on our contacts page.

HMwMS Goteborg:

Sister ship to the Stockholm.  This ship was also started by a Queen’s Own member, but never finished.  Bridge area more closely resembles the correct configuration for the time period.  Both Stockholm and Goteborg are unique for 722 Class destroyers, as the bow gun both rotates and depresses.

RM Alpino:

Another popular 2 gun ship of the Italian Soldati Class.  Quick and maneuverable if built correctly (tends to be a bit top heavy).  Built in late 2014 and saw regular combat starting in 2015.  Current owner is Nikelle Suarez.


FN Le Hardi:

Great 3 gun ship built in 2013, by Jim Webb for sale to a new member needing a ship.  Operated by Andy Santigo until he had to move and sold it to current owner Jeremy Kort.


FN Mogador:

This ship is one of the few, rare exceptions where a ship is armed with more than just 3 guns- it has 5!  This ship is only run during large Campaign style events.  Originally started in 1995, Mogador was not completed until 2014.  It has 2 rotating/depressing guns up front and three rotating guns in the stern.  The front also sports a Go-Pro turret camera for taking combat video.  Owned by Gary Powell.

RM Capatani Romani:

Another ship built last century.  This ship is also only run during Campaign Games due to its 5 gun armament.  This one has 3 up front and 2 in the stern; all rotating.  Other thing to remember is these slightly larger, better armed ships; handle HORRIBLY!

FN Volta:

Sister ship to the Mogador, built by Ralph Gibbons of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ship made its way to California and was recently sold to Queens Own member Paul Brown.  It is a complete ship, just needs to be put back together.  5 guns.

RKKF Novik:

New ship for 2016 that was not armed in this test run.  Owner is Clif Benford who ran it in combat for the first time 29 April 2017.  As a first run for the ship it did fine, but as always needs a little work.  Weight of the ship was a little light which also adversely affected its performance.

RKKF Novik 29 April 2017

RM Scirocco:

Originally built by Breck Lietz in the early 1990’s and sold to long time member Tom Attwood.  Ship was refit during 2013 and is a 2 gun 722 class ship.

RM Pola:

Coming in at just 100″ long (8′-4″), construction on the Italian Zara Class Cruiser Pola has started.  She will be a 726-250 Class ship, receiving 6-1/4″ guns.  These big ships take some time to complete, so it’s not expected to see combat until sometime in 2018.  As more construction photos come in, we will keep everyone posted on it’s progress.  Captain requests to remain anonymous at this time.

HNiMS Tromp

A Queen’s Qwn ship started well over 20 years ago, but never finished until Don Perez did earlier this year.  Her first combat event was 29 April 2017 and did well for a first outing.  Still has a few bugs to work out and a little less top weight would help handling a lot.  The 5 guns in this ship are going to be lethal!