Auxiliary Ships

AHS Centaur:

Built from a vac-u-formed hull kit made by Deryk Haole.  This Australian Hospital Ship the Centaur was built in 2015 as a stationary shore target.  A shaft and rudder were installed in case it was to be converted to an operational convoy ship.


ES Orizaba:

Stationary Axis shore target also built in 2015 from the club vac-u-form kit.




SS Badenia:

Stationary Allied shore target the Badenia, built from the club vac-u-form kit.




HNoMS Honningsvåg:

Originally a Royal Norwegian Patrol Trawler, was taken over by the Germans in 1940 and converted to carry cargo.  Fourth of the stationary shore targets, purpose built in 2015 for club Campaign Games.  This one is owned by Don Perez.


SS Olypana:

Operational cargo ship the Olypana.  Originally built in the 1990’s.  Still running cargo for the Allies to this day and she has never been sunk!  Oh, did I say we have “sinkable” and un-sinkable cargo ships.  Guess which one this is?  The un-sinkable cargo ships tow target barges.


PT-73, PT-105 & PT-106:

More Allied stationary shore targets.  Built from another club vac-u-formed hull and superstructure kit.  A total of 6 PT were made and 3 DKM Schnellboots.


DKM T-13:

Built by a former member in 2015, as an unarmed Axis recovery vessel.



DKM Komet:

The German Raider Komet is still under construction.  Expected launch sometime during 2017.  Auxiliary ships, even when the original was armed are not currently allowed to participate as warships.  Rules are being looked at to see if a change can’t be made to at least allow them a minimal amount of armament.  Key factor to consider when allowing this will be making sure that any change not adversely affect current game play.


Landing Craft

Built in 2012 as PMWC was just beginning to get going strong again.  Bow door actually open to allow a small R/C tank to drive out.  SO far has only participated in maneuvering type events.


DKM Schnellboot’s:

Two German Schnellboot’s sitting on the bow of the 1/72 DKM Tirpitz.  Originally built as Axis shore targets, both are being converted to Combat ships.  On water testing of a new “spring loaded” bearing gun should take place during 2017.