Allied Warships

USS Gearing:

This ships was built in 2015 by Deryk Haole and is a 723 class ship armed with 3 guns.  Two up front in a rotating twin turret and a single in the stern.  The front twin also depresses a few degrees for close in shots.


The top photo is the camouflage scheme she ran for most of 2016; however, she was so attractive on the water that she was rammed repeatedly.  To hopefully remedy this issue, the paint scheme was changed to what is seen in the second photo.  As of 29 April 2017, Dave Marshall is the owner of the Gearing.


USS Edsall:

This ship was originally built as part of a “loaner ship” program, where three WWI American 4-Piper destroyers were built.  Currently owned and operated by Russell Holscher.  It is armed with two fixed guns, one in the bow and the other in the stern.


USS Maury:

Originally built by a member of Queen’s Own, our sister club in the Pacific Northwest.  It was sold several times before being refit in 2016 for current owner Frank Palma.  A two gun ship, with a rotating single in the front and a fixed single in the rear.

ORP Blyskawica:

Ship was built by Jim Webb and outfitted by other members with custom guns, to fit into a narrow and shallow stern.  A 3 gun ship; 2 in that rotate in the bow and a rotating stern.  Bow gun also has a unique depression system.  Currently owned and operated by David Webb.

HMS Onslow:

Built in 2013 and made available to new members, this ship was bought by Don Perez.  He continues to run this ship, which gets better and better with every event it’s run.

USS Fletcher:

The Fletcher is currently owned by Frank Palma, who has added it to his growing Allied Fleet.  Built in 2014, but still has not made it into combat.


HMS Churchill:

Churchill is one of the first 1/72 scale combat warships built in California, after converting from the smaller “Big Gun” scale of 1/144.  Jim Webb ran Churchill for several year and later sold the ship.  Ships current whereabouts is unknown.


USS McCall:

Originally built up north by an unknown Queen’s Own member.  USS McCall was part of a deal that brought this ship and the DKM Deutschland back to California.  This was the last ship operated by long time founding member of WWCC, Dan Rygasewicz.  Ship was acquired by Jim Webb, who has since retired her.

USS Fletcher Class:

Prior to his passing in late 2015, Dan Rygasewicz was working on a new ship; a Fletcher class American destroyer.  The rib and keel set pictured here is still available to a new member that would be interested in finishing her.




USS Maddox:

Built by Gary Powell in 1992 and run as his primary 723 Class combat ship for 24 years until it’s retirement in 2016.  While it came very close several times, she was never sunk in combat.



USS Johnston:

USS Halsey Powell:

Current projects for Russell Holscher and Erica Goble.  Both are 3 gun 723 Class Destroyers.  Expected to be armed and ready to fight sometime during 2018.







HNiMS Van Galen:

Mike Harter’s small Dutch 2 gun destroyer is still under construction.  No estimated completion date provided.






USS Rudderow:

Latest ship built in the Portland Oregon Shipyard.  She has competed several times since initial battle in May 2016.




USS Blue:

Picture was taken in 1991 and was Gary Powell’s first 1/72 warship.  Built from horrible plans, ran horribly and sank first time out.  Ship was promptly retired and disassembled so no further harm could be caused to the hobby.  Ship should be forgotten, but as a historical reference for the club a photo is provided.  PS.  The owner really loved this ship and hated to see her end up disassembled.

HMS Exeter:

The 6 gun 726-250 Class Cruiser the HMS Exeter was built by Ralph Gibbons.  Brought to California by Dan Rygasewicz and eventually sold to Steve Nichols, then back to original owner. Ship is currently having new guns installed, but completion date has not been estimated.

USS Louisville:

Mike Harter’s USS Louisville is now located in California and just completed a total refit.  Considering the fact that this ship had been stored and not used for nearly 15 years, it was a relatively easy rebuild.  She was a very solid, well built ship and will probably be fighting for another 15 years.  She is ready for combat and will likely fight the summer of 2019.

USS Chevalier DD-805: 

Don Perez’s new Gearing Class destroyer, the Chevalier or more commonly referred to as the “Chevy”.  Ship is done and ready to fight, if only the right combination of motors can be found.  So far a minimum of 4 sets of motors have been tried.  The ship is either to fast or to slow.  She should fight the summer of 2019.


Chevy as pictured on 29 Apil 2017 after motor switch.  Ships is running much better and very close to scale speed.




USS Southerland DD-743

Russell’s Holscher’s completely rebuilt USS Southerland.  Originally built by Paul Fleming as the Orlick in the 1990’s and used successfully as a fixed gun ship for many years.  The entire internal layout was rebuilt, new rotating guns and the superstructure stripped and re-configured as the Southerland.  As least one allied captain was heard threating to switch to axis, just so he could shoot at it.


Originally built as one of the clubs loaner ships, this is the USS Ward.  Sold to Dave Marshall in 2016 and regularly operated as his primary 2 gun warship.  Both guns are fixed, one over the bow and the other shooting directly over the stern.  This is Ward as pictured on 29 April 2017.