This page is provided to assist you in pursuing R/C Warship Combat as a hobby, regardless of the scale of format.

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FN Le Hardi:

723 Class, 3 gun destroyer.  Great beginner, first ship.  Has some battle damage; ship is complete except no Co2 system, batteries or radio.  $250.

If you want it rebuilt and in ready to fight condition; with radio and Co2 system- price can be negotiated.  For more specifics regarding this ship contact:  John Kort at






Soon to be available to club members only will be our standard Cargo Ship.  Kit will likely (but not totally decided on yet): hull, deck/subdeck, superstructure, deck fittings set, drive motor and push button speed control.

(Pictures being loaded, so stay tuned)



For R/C Combat, one of your largest purchases will be the radio.  For value and performance, we recommend the following two radios:

Turnigy TGY-I-10 10 Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter

This radio has proven to be very reliable and flexible in how it’s used.  We have found that it can be modified for push buttons (for firing the guns) and the purchase price included the battery.

Cost for this radio can vary.  It can often be found on sale for $99, but is usually around $120.



Turnigy TGY-I6 6 Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter

For those that don’t need more than 6 channels, the I-6 is a good second choice to the I-10.  Can also be modified for firing buttons, but the purchase price for this radio does not include a battery.

Typical price is always less than $60.




Turnigy 9X 9 Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter

A decent third option, but not as reliable as the I-10 or I-6 is the 9X.  It’s a good 9 channel radio, but prone to have problems that the others don’t experience.  Comes with no battery.

Price ranges between $70- $80.



Next most expensive purchase will be the Co2 Regulator (regulator shown in the center) and Co2 Tank.  Doing business with Strike Models is not personally recommended; however, you can’t argue with the quality and performance of the large regulator they sell.  This regulator is a bit heavy, but fits perfectly fine in any 722 Class or larger ship. Regulator is $65.

Co2 Tanks:

The size of Co2 tanks can vary greatly.  For the typical 722 or 723 Class destroyer, you are going to want a minimum 3oz tank.  If you have a very efficient gun system, you can get away with some of the 2.5oz soda bottles that have become available.  It is highly recommended that you get a bottle with an On/Off valve.  If you can find one, a 4oz tank is you best all round choice.  5oz tanks can be a bit to big for some 722 Class destroyers.  Tanks can cost from $20-$60, depending on the size.  Before buying a tank from Strike Models, be sure to check E-Bay often.