Testing: Torpedoes

To the right is an early test photo, showing a hull hit that was a little higher out of the water than we were comfortable with.  So it was back to the drawing board.



As with retired warships, some end up as targets for weapons testing.  Here USS Maddox takes a broadside hit, about 3/4″ below the waterline.  Test shot was fired by IJN I-201, from a distance of slightly less than 4 feet.  This successful shot was a major breakthrough in coming up with a design that traveled straight and stayed in the water.  Only thing left was to increase the torpedoes range.

MTB Spring Gun:

Since torpedoes are only allowed to be fired from submarines where the tubes are under water, actual surface torpedo boats such as the Vospers, Schnellboot and PT’s, must utilize a deck firing “bearing gun”.  Each ship is allowed 2 shots.  Either 2 tubes with one shot each or a single tube that fires both bearing at the same time.  This is an example of a spring loaded bearing firing gun that is installed in one of the German Schnellboots.  Since these small ships are extremely limited on the total weight they can carry, the single firing gun shown above saves the most.  The gun has so far proven to be very effective.

More photos Coming Soon.  Again, in the transition from old website to new, we’ve lost a few of them.