Building: RM Pola

The club has another 8 foot Cruiser under construction and it’s the Italian RM Pola.  The Pola is a Zara Class Cruiser that comes in at 100 inches long.  She will eventually be armed with 6- 1/4″ guns.

First picture shows the ribs connected to the sub deck and being built in an inverted manner.  Since the sub deck is attached to a straight building board, it keeps the hull from twisting as the hull is worked on.



Here the sheeting is being applied to the non-penetrable area of the hull.  This area will later be covered in fiberglass cloth and resin the give the ship strength.  The lower area of the hull (actually the upper portion of the hull, but remember we are upside down) will not be covered at this time.  Later only a 1/8″ thick balsa sheeting and silkspan will be added to the area of the hull that is considered penetrable.

PMWC rules allow for one solid bulkhead in the ship, for the purpose of separating the hull for easier transporting.  Here the 8′ cruiser is shown separated in the middle.




Here we have the Pola with a bit of strawberry cake frosting on her bow (I’m sure just filling some low spots).





Pola is starting to show off some of the finer deck detail being added to the ship.  You can also see that the sheeted hull has now received a coat of paint.





Bow of the ship now includes it “candy stripes”, which was typical of Italian warships during WWII.

As construction progresses, more photos will be provided.