Arming: German E-Boat

Hopefully by now everyone knows that the club has a 12 foot USS Missouri and an 11 foot DKM Tirpitz.  Guess what, we are now going in the other direction and arming less than 18 inch long German Schnellboots.

To give you an idea of the size difference, here are two German E-Boats, sitting on the bow of the Tirpitz.

The above picture shows the empty styrene hull and superstructure.  Above the ship is the motors, electronics and torpedo gun.  The ship will actually be armed with two guns.

This picture shows the empty hull and the size of the torpedo gun prior to installation.  Later photos will show how nicely the torpedo gun is hidden inside the hull in the proper location.





Photo to the left shows the drive motor being installed in an offset position, so the ship will run correctly (torque of the single prop).  Because weight is a major factor in getting the Schnellboot to operate correctly, the design has already been modified from picture above, where two motors were shown.



More pictures to come.