Giving credit, where credit is due; the PMWC rules are predominately based on the Queen’s Own rules developed during the 1990’s.  When PMWC reformed as an operating 1/72 combat Club in 2012.  The original rules had not been updated or changed for almost 15 years and a lot had changed.

We also attempted to “simplify” the rules for easier game play.  The most significant change was going from rules that set up ship classes based on generalized criteria.  In 2016, this was changed to a “Ships List” format, where specifications are now based on known capabilities of our scale ships in combat.  In addition, there was no provision for Submarines and many ships classes over the size of Cruiser.  The ships list now covers from the smallest Motor Torpedo Boats to the largest Battleships, World War I and II.

Click on the link below to access the current PMWC Rules.  To access the Ships List, please return to the Administration Menu.