Every Combat Club or organization has an operating set of guidelines or rules and PMWC is no different.  Last year our rules were extensively revised and updated.  The most significant changes was to remove the warships general operational capabilities and place them in a more specific “Ships List”.

Click on the links below to access either the Rules or Ships List.


The club rules mostly cover the general basics of our club, administration, the scale format, time period of the ships being operated, construction requirements, etc.


The ships list shows *most, but not all ship classes from the primary naval powers of World War I and II.  If you need to know how many guns a ship is allowed, how fast it is allowed to run, etc., then go to the Ships-List link above.

  • Please Note that some ships have been purposely omitted for operational,or “game play” reasons.  So it is possible that you may be looking for something specific and it’s not going to be there.  We work hard to make sure that any ship someone may want to participate with, is allowed to be armed, but in some cases this just isn’t possible at this time.  Check back often, as the ships list is continually being revised and updated.


For the latest version of the 2018 Combat Schedule, please go to the “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” page.


Directions to currently used Combat Ponds