Our regularly scheduled July Event was held last Saturday and it was another hot one.  Still had a good turnout in spite of several cancellations at the last minute.  The unique aspect for this event was the Aerial Footage of our battles being shot by Drone.  The footage has yet to be downloaded for viewing, but we hope to have it up on You-Tube soon.

We were still able to play on the Harris Lane pond in spite of it being later in the season and the weeds usually force us to move to the other pond on Mt Vernon Road.  This site has always been preferred since it has electrical power and a lot of shade.

We would like to welcome Matt and Luke Williams to the club.  Luke ran his “Birthday” gift The RKKF Novik in his first combat event.  He did very well for it being the first time he had operated an R/C Combat Warship.  The ship did very well early in the day, but as it got hotter in the afternoon, the guns stopped working.  I don’t expect the ship to have the same problems the next time out.  Matt has the IJN Kagero, but it is not quite ready for battle.

We also welcomed another new member Cody Moore.  Cody is the owner of an American Escort Destroyer the USS De Long.  The ship has fixed guns front and back, but it didn’t limit Cody’s battle effectiveness at all.

                                      Above is Luke’s RKKF Novak being attacked by Cody and the USS De Long.


Picture to the left shows David Webb’s HMS Fury taking a shot at his fathers DKM ZH-2 (ex-Dutch Issac Sweers).

Photo below captures the Droan coming in for a closeup of the Novik.

Please note that most pictures for this posting are snapshots pulled from the new Drone footage.

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