Well the new season of battling started last Sunday and we had another new combat ship compete for the first time.  We had asked members to build different ships over the winter and this by far has turned out to be one of the more unique combat ships to appear.  This version of the LSM(r) actually had a 5″- 38 cal. gun turret installed on the stern, but its not shown in these photos which were taken during its test runs and ballasting.  It also needs detailing to add the deck rocket launchers.  Since the ship needs over 70 of these, they will need to wait until we can build a prototype for molding.

Ballast testing for the USS LSMR 196

The event was originally scheduled for Saturday, but being a burn day for Rice Growers, we move the event to Sunday.  Whether was perfect!  Pond conditions were not the best we’ve seen, but still great for a day of combat.  No sinks, with all sorties ending very, very close.  At the end of the day it was another evil Axis win.

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