It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Pond conditions at the Hallworth Pond were 110% perfect and we had plenty of dedicated members with fully operational warships ready to do some real “DAMAGE” upon each other.  What “NO GAS” you say!

That’s right, four 20lb bottles of Co2 (my 3 empty bottles are pictured) and barely enough to run 2 sorties.  We had 2 easy Axis wins.  I’m sure it was that the Allies just didn’t have the “gas” to compete.  We still had fun, but I need to be the one that apologizes to everyone for having so many empty Co2 bottles and hurting the event.  I will also thank everyone that came so far to participate and not one of you complained about the situation.

If there’s a positive in all this, its that that my HMS Sybille made it through two sorties without being sunk;  a first for this ship.

So here’s my guarantee:  Show up to our October event and I will make sure we have enough gas to run 50 sorties, and don’t forget.  More importantly, it’s going to be CRUISER TIME.  That’s right, our October event will feature our rebuilt and refurbished Cruisers duking it out at our next event.

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