So the HSwMS Goteborg was finally sunk today.  It really wasn’t much of a fight as Capt. Russell Holsher and his German ZH-1, very quickly put the fatal hits in the Swedish destroyer and down she went.  This was no easy feat;  as the Goteborg for years had gone up against several Z-Boats at once and come away with nothing more than a few “scratches”.  Enough about the sink.

As predicted, the weather today was absolutely; perfect for this hobby…sport!  The temperature was great and the sun only poked it’s head out a couple times to make you realize it will soon be hot… very, very hot.

So with the sink, the ZH-1 won the Most Feared Axis award for the day.  For the Allies, it was Don Perez winning the Most Feared Allied, but in the process he was also awarded the days “Swiss Cheese Award” for receiving the most damage.  You have to remember; just because you took a lot of damage, does’t mean you were not dishing it out double.  Don was running a new ship today, the USS Chevailier and it wasn’t without it’s “teething” problems.  In the end she did very well for a first day of battling.

Not the greatest picture above (cell phones from a distance do have their limits) , but it does show the DKM ZH-1 doing a victory lap around the recovery of the HSwMS Goteborg.


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