Saturday February 10 marked our first event of the 2018 season.  With the implementation of the new “Combat Speeds” chart, ships that were once not viable for combat have started to show up; as with the Japanese I-201’s return to combat this weekend.

Many ships and submarines that were just to slow to compete in combat, received a new speed adjustment for 2018.  The change helps compensate

IJN I-201 armed and ready for combat!

them; making ships like Destroyer Escorts and Corvette’s more competitive in the game.  We found that there were many great warship not being built and operated, because they just could not survive in combat.

We had absolutely GREAT weather Saturday, but being our first event of the season, it was poorly attended.  It did give us a chance to adjust the speeds of the ships that did attend and do a little shooting.  March attendance should be much better.

2018 Schedule:

The new 2018 Schedule is available on the members “For Your Eyes Only” page.

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