February 1 is almost upon us and a quick reminder to our members that the new “Combat Speed” chart takes effect.  That’s right; in addition to our “Scale Speed” chart, we now have a new Combat Speed chart.  The scale speeds will still be used for any maneuvering type events, but for any shooting combat events, the new Combat Speed chart will be used.

The primary purpose is to bring a larger variety of ships into the club.  Currently if the ship didn’t have a scale speed of 35 knots or more, no one will willing to build and compete with it in combat.  Ships going 20 or 25 knots just didn’t stand a chance in combat which eliminates many great ships that no one was willing to build.  This change will also level the playing field between ships with the same number of guns.  When the club originally set the maximum number of guns that a ship was allowed, it was totally based on the tonnage of the ship, so no consideration of the actual caliber or number of guns the ship actually carried was given.  This set up instances where some ships were allowed to arm 100% of their primary armament (examples would be the German B-110 class and the Swedish Goteborgs), while other ships were only allowed to arm 50% (USS Gearing).

We often fail to remind ourselves that this is a game, that is loosely based on reality; therefor, the rules should reflect this fact.  We also want to make the game more balanced and competitive for all nations ships, of all sizes and varieties.

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