2016 Maker Fair Display showing several Axis Warships

If you’ve wanted to check us out and couldn’t make it to one of our secluded local pond sites for an event, here’s your opportunity.

We are once again planning to have a display booth at the Rocklin Mini-Maker Fair- Sierra College on Saturday October 14.  We had hoped to use the College pond this year to run the ships around, but several things got in our way, so it’s just a static display again.

We really enjoy displaying the ships during the Maker Fair as it gives us an opportunity to show off our handiwork and not get all shot up.

Stern view of USS Missouri, Rocklin Maker Fair 2016


We will have everything from partially constructed ships to those that are fully operational and still shot up from our last battle September 9th.

In addition, there will be PT Boat, Schnellboot and Cargo Ship kits available.

For more information on the Rocklin Mini-Maker Fair, just click on their logo above.

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