Whether conditions for combat these past few months here in Northern California have been a major challenge to work with.  Record setting high temperatures, humidity and several days of between 105 and 108 degrees HOT… HOT… HEAT; no one was much interested in playing.  Even if there was interest, almost all of our ponds were overgrown with weeds and other thick algae, etc., which is why our last scheduled event was cancelled.

Then came our September 9th event.  We scheduled the event for a pond we hadn’t used since the early days of WWCC; over 20 years ago and the conditions were absolutely GREAT!  The featured picture above only shows one corner of this over 3 acre pond.  Many of us that had fought here back in the 1990’s were surprised at the number of fully grown trees and other improvements that the owner had put in since we were last here.  The place is even perfect for running some of our much larger 1/72 scale ships.  While it was still in the low 90’s, there was a slight breeze blowing that did not affect the ships at all, but kept conditions for us very comfortable.

We had a great turnout for the event and some very competitive sorties were run.  There were two new ships competing locally for the first time; the USS De Long and the HNiMS Gerard Callenburg.  There was also another newly refit ship participating for the first time since 2015, the ORP Grom.  De Long had it’s problems, as did the Callenburg, but the Grom was shooting and maneuvering very well most of the day until the front gun lost it’s depression.

During the final sortie, the axis team outnumbered the allies 7 guns to 4.  With Frank Palma’s USS Maury having worked it bugs out the first three sorties; really took it to the axis team in a BIG way!

The owner was very happy to allow us to use their pond and they are looking forward to us coming back again in October.


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