Our next event is scheduled for June 24 and it will be a blind draw, two ship team championship.  Stronger, more veteran captains will be pulled from one hat and the less seasoned or rookie captains from another.  Ships will run for 10 minutes, with two minutes until the start of the next group.  Ships will be launched and waiting in the channel, ready to go, prior to when the ships currently in combat come off the water.

This is one of the rare events where PMWC will mix up the teams and not follow the standard Allied/Axis format.  All ships can participate, but most of the teams are made up of 2 gun ships, which almost every member has at least one.  A few of these ships even have rotation, which in a two gun ship is not much of an advantage.  If there is time, there may even be some one on one battles.

June 24th event will also take place at the new Harris Lane Pond, with battles starting about 10am.












The Swedish destroyers Stockholm (top) and Goteborg (right) tangle with a Z-Boat (bottom left).  Goteborg narrowly missing with a shot on the Z-Boat.










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