I’ll bet this is a first for any combat club out there, we served Snow cones during our mid-battle break.  The temperature was not all that hot, but it appears that when it comes to snow cones; it really doesn’t have to be.  Deryk provided several different flavors, including a special topping concoction that was VERY POPULAR with everyone that tried it.  I of course stuck with the requested and straight forward…Root Beer.  Mine was still very good.  Thanks you Mr. Snow Cone Man!

As for the battling, we had some good sorties.  Two new members, Keith and Mark did well for their first time out.  Mark proved he could “ram” better than his former teacher Keith, but no one sank as a result.







So when the regular sortie battles were over for the day, we had a little grudge/rookie battle.  Keith ran his USS Edsall and Mark the DKM B-110.  After a full 12 minutes of dogfighting; the winner was…A TIE!  Maybe next event a winner can be determined.  Our thanks to everyone that showed up and did battle.  Not sure who came the farthest; Keith from Atwater or Brandon from Reno.  Anyway, we appreciate the long drives they are willing to make, just to put holes in each other.  We won’t tell anyone, but Brandon escaped any damage by claiming his batteries were not charged.  Well I have to be honest and say I know this to be true; I had the batteries in Loomis and he had the charger in Reno.

Featured picture shows some of the wives, family and friends that also attended the event, enjoying their snow cones.

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