Our first event at our new Harris Lane pond is in the books and it was an Axis Sweep of all sorties run.  To be nice we have used the word sweep in place of the word slaughter, which is what the event actually turned out to be.  The allies just couldn’t muster the might to even come close to winning one sortie.

As for the pond, it turned out to be a perfect, natural site for combat.  There is a slight gentle slope to the staging areas where we all set up.  The set up area was under an abundance of trees, giving everyone shade throughout the day.  From the staging area, it was the an easy walk down to the creek channel, which was PERFECT for launching and recovering ships.

One of two viewing decks in the upper right corner of the picture.

The site also has two viewing decks that are several feet above the water, giving captains and spectators a safe place to watch from.  Water level in the pond is controlled by a dam with a nice spillway, which is directly under a bridge leading to the other side of the pond.  The owners have also made available to us a small recovery boat, which was already put to use this first event.

HSwMS Stockholm and HMwMS Goteborg

The good news for the allies was the successful first combat sorties for Clif Binford’s new RKKF Novik.  It was really nice to see another early World War I destroyer make it into combat.  Evan Yanez was also able to run his HNlMS Issac Sweers for the first time.  It had it’s share of first time problems, but you can count on them being ironed out before the next event.

HNiMS Tromp and USS Ward being chased by the DKM Z-31

The BIG news of the day was Don Perez running his new 5 gun destroyer, HNiMS Tromp in combat for the first time.  The big ship was the only one that could hold it’s own against the menacing axis Z-31.

RKKF Novik

Several additional ships were scheduled to make it into combat, but ran into one problem or another and were held out.  11 actually made it into battle.

We can’t thank the owners enough for the BBQ lunch they provided everyone during our mid-day break.  It was also nice to see so many neighbors show up and stay, to watch the combat event nearly the entire day. 




DKM Z-31 chasing HNwMS Goteborg down one of the creek channels, on the backside of the ponds island.



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