The Battle Pond at the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire, for years has been the single greatest recruiting tool ever for R/C Combat according to Western Warship VP Rob Wood.  The local combat club, has often boasted getting 10 or more new captains at each event.  By some estimates, with 10 battle ponds being held over the past several years, the club roster should be well over 100, if not more.  With this many captains, the club must be holding regular events throughout the year, with 20 or 30 participants showing up each time.  So for 2017 it will be “Battle Pond XI”, not including the one held in San Diego in 2015; or will it?

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They have not applied for 2017.  We are not expecting them this year.

Thanks for checking.

Rocklin Mini-Maker Faire has been encouraging PMWC to hold our own “Battle Pond” at their annual event, so we have been giving it some consideration.  To learn more we wanted to obtain some pointers, tips and suggestions on how to run a successful and entertaining event by possibly observing this years Battle Pond XI.  We were shocked when Bay Area Maker Faire organizers informed us that Western Warship had not registered and were not expected to attend this years event.  This comes to us as very depressing news!  Any time a fellow combat club has found the magic formula for obtaining the kind of success that WWCC was experiencing should come as bad news for everyone.

Hopefully they are just taking a year off and will come back bigger and better next year.  In the mean time we will have to get our Battle Pond organization tips this year from someone else or in some other way.  In any event, we will be at Rocklin Mini-Maker Faire, whether we hold a Battle Pond or not.

Is the used Battle Pond going to be for sale soon?  We might be in the market for one.

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