That’s right; the 11 foot DKM Tirpitz hit the water today March 11, 2017 and test fired her guns on the largest pond at Lincoln Fisheries for the first time.  So effective that they almost sank the FN Le Hardi in the process.  Ship handles very well for her size, having no problems making 180 degree turns in about twice her length (or about 20 feet total).  She ran scale speed with no problems.


So far she is the largest, most heavily armed 1/72 warship in the club with 8-1/4″ Caliber Guns.

The guns in Tirpitz were originally built nearly 15 years ago, but never used.  When finishing the ship it still took a considerable amount of work to get them to work properly.  They fully rotate and depress, both front and rear.

Another interesting note about the Tirpitz is it has 15% of the hull through the mid-section that is allowed to be built “non-penetrable”.  This is so the larger ships can protect themselves against the smaller destroyers from coming in along side the much larger hull, without the need for arming the secondary guns.  The maximum number of guns any ships is allowed is 9; even the largest like the Tirpitz which is allowed just 8.




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